About us


Where we've come from

In 2004, a group of people were engaged in local regeneration programmes. They all thought that people, communities and neighbourhoods had a real opportunity to begin making radical changes to a community, and could actually transform the society that they lived in. It was from these people that the vision for the Nehemiah Foundation was created.

Nehemiah began as an offshoot of a legal firm in Birmingham, and its founders developed the Foundation alongside working other day jobs. However, after some careful work and a lot of growing, Nehemiah became a registered charity. The Nehemiah Foundation now is based in central Birmingham with links across the nation, but still doing what those people dreamed of over ten years ago.

What we're doing

We want to develop resilient neighbourhoods. By resilient we mean the ability or capacity to make things happen without being dependent on a person or organisation outside the neighbourhood. Whether that’s setting up a youth club, creating a new knitting group or helping a community deal with economic problems, we want to create strong, resilient neighbourhoods.

We want for people to live together well. By living together well we mean being able to live safely and peacefully alongside neighbours regardless of their faith, cultural heritage and country of origin. We live in diverse countries, and we want everyone to be able to get on well with one another. We think our work makes that happen.

What we want to achieve

  • create networks of resilient, sustainable neighbourhoods
  • establish accessible collections of resources and experiences to help build resilience within and beyond that network
  • grow a movement of people and organisations practiced in the deployment of these resources and experience and able to pass them on to others
  • develop a shared mindset, way of thinking and working that helps build resilient neighbourhoods
  • optimize the contribution of Faith Communities in helping to achieve this vision
  • work with organisations who have a clear role in helping to achieve this vision
  • attract resources and investment to achieve these aims