Our Partners

Teamwork is the only way to make things happen when you’re trying to make an impact in local communities and neighbourhoods. We’re proud to work with these partners across the country.


Near Neighours

We work with Near Neighbours as part of the national team commissioned to work in different neighbourhoods across the country. The team comprises a large network of organisations (see more here and here).

Next Leadership

Working with leaders and in particular women, Next Leadership contribute to our training and support work.



Streetbank were described by the Times as one of the 50 websites you can’t live without. We’ve partnered with them to create StreetbankLive! enabling their resources to go further.



As a well-respected award winning innovator in the use of social media for social good and developing easy ways to evidence the value of the work done by local residents and community groups, Podnosh help us develop and pioneer ways of increasing the quality of local communication and finding ways to sustain local initiatives


Daphne Francis Limited

Experienced in supporting local residents and community development work Daphne Francis Limited helps deliver the Foundation’s support and training. 


Royds Community Association

Based in Bradford and working nationally, Royds help provide strategic support and advice in the neighbourhoods where we are working.


The Queen’s Foundation

With its reputation for pioneering work amongst the theological community in respect of social justice, ecumenism, and work between faith traditions, the Queen’s Foundation helps us engage with our engagement with faith institutions who are looking for ways to respond to the complex and often controversial and divisive issues facing us in areas with a wide cultural diversity.



The Reasoning

Why we have partners

Community change is difficult. It requires a huge variety of different skill sets which we might not have. It can require a knowledge of a certain location or a particular subject. It may require having the links and contacts into the right places, or just being able to give us some helpful advice.

How we use partners

Our partners create for us some fabulous opportunities. Sometimes those can be when we ask for them, but other times they can appear with those all important Eureka ideas that help move forward. We’ll work closely with our partners on an individual basis, cultivating a win-win relationship that strikes at the very heart of our organisation.