The Nehemiah Team



Stephen Belling- CEO

Stephen Belling 1 IMG_9260[2]

Stephen was instrumental in setting up the Foundation and its team whilst a partner at Anthony Collins Solicitors. He has been engaged with neighbourhood-focused work for over 20 years and is keen to ensure and promote the lessons and experiences of residents and local partnerships were passed on to others.

I love it when the plans and aspirations of residents and local partnerships are realised.



Cham Kaur Mann

Chair of TrusteesCham_Kaur-Mann-e1360017487414

Cham is co-director of Next Leadership and a Baptist minister.  Cham brings a wealth of expertise in the area of pioneering, leading, mentoring and coaching. 

I joined the Board because the vision and values of Nehemiah are close to my heart.  The Foundation enables real people to cross boundaries and barriers that so often prevent us from tackling real issues in our communities and neighbourhoods.


Martin Robertson

Martin is Finance Director for the Walsall Housing Group LINK and brings a wide range of skills and experience to the organisation. Martin Robertson IMG_9246

I accepted the invitation to join the board because this is a vital enterprise run by superb people and I can help ensure its financial strength and clarity.

David Hewlett

David is the Principal of the Queens Foundation Birmingham, centre for ecumenical theological education. David brings experience of contextual theology, academia, accreditation and partnership working. 

I became a trustee because I believe Nehemiah can make a difference to the way faith communities can be positive agents of change for neighbourhoods, and that at its heart this is theological and spiritual work.

Mark Cook

Mark Cook IMG_9270

Mark is a partner at Anthony Collins Solicitors with a background in governance, partnerships, joint venture, contracts, procurement and social enterprise. 

I am a trustee because I’m keen to maintain Anthony Collins Solicitors’ links with the Foundation and to contribute toward its long term sustainability.



Tarzeem Akhtar

AssociateTarzeem Ahktar IMG_0093

Tarzeem started work with the Nehemiah Foundation in September 2012 as part of the 1st ‘Near Neighbours’ community workers. This was followed by other work within the community of Burnley that was also supported by Nehemiah.
‘The Nehemiah Foundation gave me the opportunity to work in the Burnley community where I live and to interact to a greater degree with people from all faiths and backgrounds. My Nehemiah colleagues offered the support that helped me to develop personal key skills, and in turn I developed the confidence to speak for those minority groups whose voices often go unheard within the community. Nehemiah enabled me to develop projects that helped the Burnley community for people from different cultures and faiths, and afforded me the opportunity to appreciate and understand the differences between them.’

Zakarya Anwar

AssociateZakarya Anwar IMG_0117

Zakarya started work with Nehemiah in 2012 as part of the first Near Neighbours cohort of neighbourhood community workers.  After 2 years working for the Foundation in Burnley, he now works as the General Manager for the Lancashire Council of Mosques.

‘The Nehemiah Foundation helped me to develop my skills and confidence, and broaden my understanding of community development and interfaith work. I am who I am today because of my experiences working with the Foundation and the life long friendships I built there.’

Tony Dylak


Tony is CEO of Royds Community Association. LINK He has extensive experience of community based social action projects and has advised on policy at the local, regional and national levels and is a strong advocate of asset base development. 

I work with the Foundation because I am passionate about helping people to realise their potential, and the Foundation has a pioneering approach which I find exciting!

Daphne Francis

Tutor, Associate

Daphne has extensive experience of working in the public, private and third sector, working with people and communities at a neighbourhood level. 

I work with the Foundation because its programmes are ‘live’. We get to see the growth of people and the changes that happen in neighbourhoods as we go along. The approach taken is organic and responsive to what happens on the ground, which means it’s always different and everyone is learning all of the time.

Anna Walsh

AssociateAnna Walsh IMG_0054

Anna started work with Nehemiah in 2011 as part of the Near Neighbours One programme.  She continues to work in Belgrave, Leicester on both existing community projects and on new initiatives with lovely Nehemiah colleagues.

‘Nehemiah gave me practical training, encouragement and confidence – a launch pad that has helped me take off in new directions and take on new challenges in community work.’

Matt Wickens


Matt started working with Nehemiah in September 2015 and continues to provide communications facilities to the Foundation and it’s work.

It’s exciting to promote a charity as pioneering and transformative as this one!