What We Do


We provide…

  • Practical Training and Support
  • Develop and set up initiatives that will help to promote and sustain resilient neighbourhoods
  • We use a Development Framework established with the knowledge and experience gained by our staff, associates and extensive networks over the past 25 years.

What is the Development Framework?

The development framework comprises six main elements:

  1. A neighbourhood with a ranking in the indices of multiple deprivation in the lowest 20%
  2. An organisation in the neighbourhood wanting to engage in community development / transformation / regeneration
  3. The deployment of an individual or a team to work on local development
  4. An audit of needs, issues, concerns and assets affecting a neighbourhood
  5. The development of responses to that audit
  6. An approach that blends bottom up with partnership working

We recognise:

  • Neighbourhoods are an important part of the way in which society organises itself and are places where people live much of their lives.
  • There are needs and issues in those neighbourhoods, which often remain unmet.
  • Public sector resources for meeting these needs and issues are insufficient and under-pressure.
  • Many public sector funded programmes and initiatives are short term, focus heavily on money, and struggle to take account of the complexities and sensitivities of human expectation and interaction.
  • Pioneering, innovating and sharing are powerful tools to be able to transform communities.
  • The learning, teachings, practice and presence of faith traditions has a significant contribution to make in the process of building resilient neighbourhoods.
  • Resilient neighbourhoods make a positive difference to people’s health and well-being.